Introducing our new dog behaviour classes

Each month we will be focusing on a topic to help you with any training issues you might be having with your dog! This month we will be focusing on the two behavioural programs we provide here at South Nowra hospital!


Here at South Nowra Vet Hospital we are a big believer in training dogs from a young age. This helps avoid ongoing problems, rehoming and at worst Euthanasia from extreme behaviour. We want to help you before it gets to this stage. That is just another facet of a good holistic veterinary hospital.

So as such have been providing an enriching and successful Puppy Pre-school for many years, that will still be continuing now with two trainers on board for Puppy Pre-school and one dedicated to our new Puppy Primary School!

We have listened to the overwhelming demand for something for those dogs/puppies that have aged out of Puppy Pre-school and are in need of a refresher, or a bit of a doggy boot camp!

Well let’s welcome our new and exciting program


  • Did you miss out on puppy preschool because your dog was too old?
  • Have you let the training you have learned lapse?
  • Perhaps you have just rescued a new dog and need to start training them from scratch.
  • Has your dog just stopped listening?
  • Are you finding your dog too much to handle on walks?
  • Are you embarrassed of your dog’s behaviour?
  • Do you have a high drive dog or highly intelligent breed and want to continue to train and challenging them?
  • Do you want to learn how to prevent behaviour problems with your dog before they happen?
  • Well this class is for you!

These classes will be kept small with only three carefully selected dogs per class and the class will be completely individualised to you and your dogs needs. This is not a generic class, lessons will be tailored each time to the dogs needs in the class.  That’s right the program is individualised to your needs!

Depending on the needs of the individual dogs topics covered can include:

  • Creating a bomb proof stay, teach your dog to stay under distraction.
  • Loose leash walking/say good bye to pulling on the lead!
  • Desensitising dogs that like to chase wheels etc (dogs with a prey instinct)
  • Dealing with problem behaviours such as barking or digging
  • Recall training/coming on command from a distance
  • Working on jumping up
  • Beginner trick training
  • And much much more

We currently have a waiting list, and each owner fills out a behaviour questionnaire so we can match the right class mates!

Contact us today If you want to be a part of this exciting new class!


We also have also have our wonderful Puppy Pre-school for pups aged between 8 - 16 weeks, to socialise and begin training them during that all important window of time.

Puppies this age are like a sponge! They can be taught all the right habits, or the wrongs ones, even inadvertently. So save yourself the stress and join our Puppy Pre-school!

It’s also a wonderful way to socialise your dogs in a safe way while they are waiting to be fully immunised!

There is nothing we love more than seeing a group of happy puppies bounding around playing together, who can also learn all the basic commands!

The added bonus is they see the Vet hospital as a fun place to come from a young age, rather than a place they come just to get vaccinations etc!

Benefits of Puppy Pre-school

  • Socialisation with all different sizes and breeds of dogs during that all important early window while they are waiting to be fully vaccinated.
  • Learning how to deal with a very shy pup, or a very outgoing pup
  • Trouble shooting problem behaviours
  • Learning basic commands, such as sit, drop, stay walking on a loose lead and more.
  • Health information, learn everything you need to know to look after your latest family member!
  • Creating a dog that thinks coming to the vets is a fun place to be!

We want your dogs to love us as much as we love them!

If you are interested in either class call us on (02) 4447 8172, Facebook or email us and leave your name and number and your dog's age. We look forward to hearing from you!