Puppy Primary School

Puppy Primary School is a new and exciting class, we are here to help everyone have a loving and mutually respectful relationship with their dogs, in fact it’s one of our passions!

Our Puppy Primary School classes will be kept small with only three carefully selected dogs per class. The class will be completely individualised to you and your dogs' needs. This program will mainly be dealing with dogs aged from 16 weeks to 4 years, however other dogs may be eligible depending on temperament

Where: Based at South Nowra Veterinary Hospital*

Duration: Approximately one hour each week for four weeks

Cost: $200

*depending on class needs there may be excursions

Puppy Primary School may be for you if:

  • You have rescued a dog and need to start training from scratch
  • If you missed out on Puppy Pre-School
  • If your dog is a high drive or high energy breed
  • Or if you just want to brush up on general training for your dog

Depending on the individual needs of each dog topics covered may include:

  • Creating a bomb proof stay
  • Loose leash and off leash walking
  • Dealing with problem behaviours such as barking or diggings
  • Beginner trick training
  • Breed specific learning activities
  • Desensitising dogs that have prey instinct (wheel chasers etc.)
  • Recall training
  • Working on jumping up
  • And so much more

During the course you will have access to online help, notes and take-home work. Depending on the needs of the class there will be at least one excursion to help work on training whilst under distraction.

If you would like to continue training for your dog, you are welcome to sign up for another block of classes.

To secure a spot in this exciting class please contact us. Please leave your name, number and email address and we will send you further details and a questionnaire in order to establish the needs of your dog. Each applicant is required to fill out a questionnaire, so that we can match the participants needs as closely as possible.