Puppy Pre-School

Each year thousands of dogs are destroyed or end up in pounds and animal shelters due to behavioural problems developed early in life. Puppy Pre-School is a must for any owner wanting a well-behaved, sociable dog. Our classes are designed for puppies between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks, as it is much easier to teach your puppy correctly from the start rather than correcting bad behaviour later on.

Puppy Pre-School provides a safe environment for your puppy to socialise and classes are kept small so time can be spent with each puppy and their owner.

Topics we cover

  • Dogs in Nature – Background on dogs’ natural “pack” behaviour and how this can help you to understand many of the behaviours displayed by your new puppy.
  • Socialisation – Why socialisation is so important and how to go about ensuring your puppy is well socialised.
  • Preventative Medicine – Outline of the preventative medicines currently available and which ones are important for your puppy.
  • Toilet Training – Effective methods and how to discipline.
  • Discipline – How to go about disciplining your puppy effectively.
  • Diet and Feeding – When, where, how often and what/what not to feed your new puppy.
  • Dental Care – Maintenance of healthy teeth and gums.
  • Grooming – Brushing, bathing, nail clipping. When to start, what needs to be done for your individual puppy. How to introduce your puppy to being groomed without making them afraid.
  • Fleas – What’s effective, what’s not and how to avoid a flea explosion in your household.
  • Dangers in the Home – How to make your home a safer place for your puppy… common dangers which are easily overlooked.
  • Exercise and Play – How often and for how long? The importance of exercise and play.
  • Training – The importance of training, where and when to train your puppy.
  • Hospital Tour – Catch a glimpse of what it’s like “behind the scenes”
  • Problem Behaviours – Chewing, digging, jumping up on people etc… why all puppies do it and effective ways to discipline.
  • Council Laws – Advice on what’s legally required for your puppy and where you can exercise him in your local shire.
  • Missing Dogs – What to do if your new puppy goes missing… Effective ways of locating your little friend!
  • GRADUATION! – Presentation of graduation certificates and treats!

Time is spent with each puppy individually… to ensure training is relevant and effective. Behaviours covered are: Recall, sit, drop, lead work, stay….

Before your puppy starts school

All puppies must be between 8 and 16 weeks old and have had their first vaccination.

How to make a booking

Bookings are essential so we can keep classes to a minimum. Please phone our clinic for course details, times and further details about enrolment.