Dr Genevieve Franke

Genevieve studied at the University of Queensland and had been working at a small animal clinic near Brisbane for two years prior to moving down to Jervis Bay. Over the years she has bought home countless orphaned animals, of these, 4 kittens, have never left and now rule the household she shares with her partner down by the beaches.

While she did begin her career treating cats, dogs, and other types of pets, such as birds, rats, reptiles and wildlife, she has found the greatest fulfillment in caring for cats of different shapes, sizes and personalities and will fall in love with every one. During her vet career, caring for the occasional bird, rat and guinea pig, Genevieve has also found a love for these little guys and has completed additional training in avian care through the Association of Avian Veterinarians and has trained with the Taronga Institute, further expanding her exotic pet and wildlife care knowledge.

Genevieve is also passionate about providing pain management in our aging pets and is constantly researching and completing additional training on the best methods to help identify and manage pain in our companions.

Outside of work, Genevieve enjoys spending time with Fish (a big tabby boy), Bear (the smoochiest little black girl), Ash (the skinny Houdini), Selkie (the beautiful white fluff princess pictured with Gen) and her partner, in that order, and feels that the best things in life come in the small fluffy packages!

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